Gardening in Valencia

Do you need help with your Garden, clearing some land or felling or pruning a tree?

At Podarama we have the best professionals in landscaping and garden design in all of Valencia. We do gardening projects in Valencia with the best finishes and qualities.

We specialize in gardening services in Valencia, ranging from the execution of felling and pruning at height, installation of lawn sod and gardening in general, to design of green surfaces, engineering and consulting for green areas and landscaping in Valencia. Our network of professionals has worked for private companies, municipalities, public bodies, hotels, neighborhood communities and individuals.

Our experts analyze each circumstance in depth and comprehensively to offer the most effective resolutions and ensure a professional garden care service. This also enables us to develop a garden care planning to ensure their durability and long-term conservation. Our professionals are passionate about creating original projects and solutions, in addition, they apply the latest discoveries in technology, machinery and infrastructure development for gardens.

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Tree pruning in Valencia

Tree trimming

The best professionals in the sector in height pruning in Valencia, we have extensive experience and personalized attention for each client

Tree purning

If you are looking for professionals in the felling of trees in Valencia. Do not hesitate to call us and request our services, we attend Emergencies

Palm tree pruning

Professionals in tree and garden pruning in Valencia, Call us and we will go to your location to solve your particular case

Garden maintenance

You can count on us whether you have a country house or if you need a gardener to maintain the spaces in your residential area in Valencia.

Clearing and Cleaning

If you need a professional to remove the weeds with a brushcutter and clean your plot, call us

Phytosanitary treatments

We carry out preventive fumigation of gardens, endotherapy treatments, etc.

Artificial grass

We have the best qualities of artificial grass, our specialists will carry out the installation with full guarantee.

Césped Natural

We are experts in the installation and maintenance of natural grass

Irrigation systems

We are professionals of installing any irrigation system.

Are you looking for a garden designer in Valencia?

How can podarama help you?

We are a care, design, maintenance and gardening company in Valencia and surroundings with more experience in the sector. We specialize in gardening services, ranging from the execution of felling and pruning at height, installation of grass sods and gardening in general, to design of green surfaces, engineering and consulting for green areas and landscaping in Valencia. Our network of professionals has worked for private companies, municipalities, public bodies, hotels, neighborhood communities and individuals.

Our experts analyze each circumstance in depth and comprehensively to offer the most effective resolutions and ensure a professional gardening service in Valencia. This also enables us to develop a garden care planning to ensure their durability and long-term conservation. Our professionals are passionate about creating original projects and solutions, in addition, they apply the latest discoveries in technology, machinery and infrastructure development for gardens.

You, our clients are our priority. We understand that everyone (schools, sports clubs, town halls, individuals, companies, communities and residences) value a good service and personalized treatment, that is why we do not skimp on resources and personnel and we give our best so that your project is of the nature Whatever it is, get ahead in the best possible and attainable conditions.

Our professionals offer resolutions that range from tree planting, garden design at all scales, through the use of ecological and biotechnological products to the application of biodynamic techniques so that all garden maintenance (lawn, trees, herbs, plants , irrigation…) are sustainable in the long term for your benefit and in pursuit of nature.

We have professionals in the care and cleaning of outdoor spaces. professionals prepared in different skills, subjects and specialties related to Gardening in Valencia and pruning among others.

Professionals capable of covering different challenges and jobs (maintenance of parks and gardens, social network of neighbors, schools, hotels…).

If you need to contact professionals in the design, maintenance and construction of gardens, as well as the felling and pruning of trees among other services. Get in contact with us!

Do you need a gardener in Valencia?

We have the right staff to deal with both the maintenance of gardens and fruit trees.

Garden design in Valencia

The design of any garden is the starting point to be able to enjoy it for many years.

Starting with the composition, distribution and size of each element, it is responsible for the garden working and getting ahead or that in a short time we have nothing.

Do you want to create a unique, elegant and tasteful garden?

We can help you with civil works, in the design and supply of construction materials, trees, hedges, palm trees, decorative plant elements, etc. with which to create unique gardens in the style that you choose.

Have you thought about how you would like your garden to be?

So that you can choose a professional gardening service in Valencia, it is an essential requirement that you keep in mind what type of garden you would like to build. These are the most common:

Sustainable gardens: they are those that respect the environment by conserving the species that adjust to the climate. The organization of the plants adjusts to the landscape of the area.
Rainfed gardens: They are made up of trees such as cypress, stone pine, elm, cedar or palm trees and are usually the most common in Mediterranean climates.
Water gardens: They are a very original type of garden and aesthetically they adapt very well to houses with a considerable size. We speak, for example, of a garden within a small pond. The plants that stand out are the water lilies. It requires an excellent gardening service.
Tropical gardens: very thick vegetation and exotic flowers. It is a very beautiful garden but it needs temperatures above 30 degrees. It is very difficult to implement it within your own home or urbanization.
Vertical gardens: one of the most pleasing and impressive gardens in semi-detached houses that have a patio or terrace. They create a cozy atmosphere and fill the house or property with originality and life. It is ideal for interiors
Oriental gardens: They are the type of garden that most impresses today and that has increased its popularity exponentially. The Feng Shui garden is based on the mixture of floral plants, water and circular shapes. Meanwhile, the Japanese garden stands out for its bamboo, gravel and bonsai. They usually need a more particular gardening service because they are not as popular as the rest.
We work on the design, maintenance and construction of gardens with residential complexes, hospitals, sports fields (soccer, golf…). Municipal and/or community swimming pools, streets or avenues, private and community centers. Private and community farms, shopping centers, irrigation of private green areas (individuals, communities, etc.)

The network of experts in Gardening in Valencia and arreadores de Podarama is in charge of both the design and the execution of your garden, so if you are thinking of making a garden or changing the one you currently have, do not hesitate to contact us for Assess your situation and get a free estimate and study!

Maintenance and pruning of palm trees in Valencia

We are a reference in the maintenance of palm trees in the Valencian community, we have managed to save numerous specimens of the weevil and other pests.

Plot clearing service in Valencia

The most natural thing is that as the owner of a plot, you do not have the correct tools or the time to keep it in optimal conditions and comply with current municipal regulations.

From Podarama we have expert gardeners in clearing plots and gardening in Valencia, regardless of their size and condition. We are working on all kinds of land, from farms to small plots, to ensure cleanliness and development with weed and weed control.

We carry out farm cleaning tasks in Valencia apart from the clearing of farms in areas of difficult access or on farms with unevenness.

Jardinería en Valencia

Irrigation systems for gardening in Valencia

If you want to know one of the fundamental pillars to keep your garden in optimal conditions and that it lasts for many years, this is without a doubt a good irrigation system, because it guarantees good and constant hydration and nutrition of your plants, trees, flowers and bushes.

Botany experts have ensured that the optimal times to water the garden are at dawn or dusk because the water evaporates more slowly.

Types of irrigation systems for your garden

Sprinkler irrigation: this irrigation system has a range of up to 6 meters that can change according to the pressure and the type of nozzle. It can be of two types:

Pop-up sprinklers: those that emerge from the ground when the irrigation system starts and hide again when it has finished.

Mobile sprinklers: they are attached to a hose end and move from one side to another.

Irrigation with diffusers: they have a shorter range than the sprinklers and are smaller in size. The diffusers usually have a screw with which to change the water outlet, they are used for small and narrow areas.

Drip irrigation: They are placed at the foot of each plant, tree or bush. Button emitters tend to be very useful for gardens where plants are not located close to each other. With this type of irrigation you can save water and achieve a stable level of humidity, without reaching flooding. In this irrigation gardening system you can also add mineral salts or use dissolved fertilizers.

Subsurface Irrigation: This irrigation system is a landscape service used for lawns. It lies in small perforated pipes buried in the area between 5 and 50 centimeters. With this irrigation system, less water is lost as it is not exposed to the air. With it, a better aesthetic is achieved by not seeing the pipes in the garden. However, the underground irrigation must be installed correctly with a previous study of the region because it is very likely that the water outlet points will clog.

Frequent questions

If you are looking for a gardener to design, maintain and build your residential garden, your community of neighbors, a park or green region or simply to water the plants in your workplace, we are your gardening company.

We do maintenance of gardens and green areas, according to the requirements of each region, client and type of garden. For example:

  • Urbanization Maintenance
  • Maintenance of neighborhood communities.
  • Maintenance of public, private or community swimming pools.
  • Maintenance of sports fields, soccer fields, golf courses.
  • Private Chalet maintenance.
  • Farm Maintenance.

In which we can carry out among many other activities, according to your needs, the following:

  • Garden maintenance.
  • Cutting and profiling of hedges.
  • Treatment and control of swimming pools.
  • Lawn and meadow mowing
  • Palm pruning.
  • Lawn maintenance.
  • Scarified lawn.
  • Maintenance of the irrigation system.
  • Lawn care.
  • Analysis of water and soil.
  • Shrub pruning.
  • Tree pruning.
  • Height pruning
  • Treatments against red palm weevil.
  • Pest control and phytosanitary treatments.
  • Lawn spikes.
  • Natural Grass Installation

Installing artificial grass a priori may seem like an easy task, but it is not if you are not a professional in the field, since you have to take into account various factors such as the choice of the type of grass, its drainage system, knowing how much surface you need and how to place the cloths and scraps etc.

Mainly there are 4 important points to take into account when choosing our lawn:

Turf hair height: between 25mm and 40mm for a decorative lawn, 50mm to 60mm for a football pitch, etc.
Type of Gauge: It is the distance between stitch and stitch, the ideal is 7mm
Grass memory effect: The grass must return to its normal state after stepping on it, otherwise it will be of poorer quality.
Drainage system: Ideally, the drainage holes at the back of the lawn should be between 5mm and 6mm.
At Podarama we advise you on the type of grass you need for your particular case. Call us!

Lawn is undoubtedly one of the most requested finishes for gardens and it plays an essential role in laying the foundations of a good garden. It is true that artificial grass does not give the same sensation of freshness, nor does it give the same sensation of comfort when lying on it. Among other advantages, natural grass generates a cooler environment and atmosphere when the summer heat comes, in addition to controlling erosion and soil wear, as well as a feeling of safety when walking.

It is usually presented in 1m2 sheets of already matured grass, totally rooted, which are placed as if it were a carpet.

The professionals that Podarama has always advise you and ensure that your garden project has the best solutions and looks in the best possible way at the best price,

It is our mission to provide you with the best service and we adapt all our resources to your needs.

If you need natural grass sod installation services in Valencia, contact us. We will make sure that you fall in love with your garden.

Call us or write us!

So that you can enjoy the garden all year round, we offer you a comprehensive garden care service, adapted to you and yours, if you are looking for a comprehensive maintenance service and Gardening in Valencia, whether for huge gardens, terrace care, patios or green roofs (inverted roofs), WE CAN HELP YOU! .

Call us and tell us what you need!

Garden care is an essential requirement to maintain its good condition and appearance, but it is also essential for trees, plants and flowers to grow healthy and strong, whether in gardens, terraces, attics or even indoor facilities.

We review all the elements of your garden guaranteeing their good condition and safety

Weeds are always an inconvenience to see our garden beautiful and free of aphids, spiders, fungi or other «bugs» which can end the health of our plants.

An optimal design of your garden is not decisive in all cases to avoid this kind of pest. There are many causes that can cause damage.

In that case we are going to use phytosanitary treatments; herbicides to kill weeds, fungicides to kill fungi and insecticides for other pests. Preventive fumigation of gardens.

We do Endotherapy treatments against Galeruca or Processionary.

Keeping a garden in good condition depends fundamentally on two things: water and light. In the beginning we do not have the possibility to control it and we have to be at the mercy of the seasons of the year so that they regulate it, but that does not happen with water. Rainy days in Valencia are few and in summer they are almost non-existent, so an extra supply of water for our gardens can come in handy.

The perfect solution to this problem is an automated irrigation system, which will take care of generating a regular supply of water to your garden or crop so that they are fully nourished and hydrated and can live and look good for many years.

At Podarama we have for you all kinds of automatic and semi-automatic irrigation, both sprinkler and drip, to adapt to your garden, always using leading brands with a guarantee and having the best professionals in the sector in your area.

Forget about watering with long hoses and install an automation that makes better use of water and your time and just worry about enjoying the garden with your family and friends.

If you use and enjoy your garden on a daily basis, we suggest removing plant debris after clearing, on the other hand, if we are talking about a plot that you want to clear, for simple aesthetics or by regulation, it is not necessary to remove the remains.

If we are talking about a farm with a large expanse of land, it is advisable to do the clearing with removal of remains in the vicinity of the house and leave the rest so that the service is cheaper.

Our suggestion is always the removal of plant remains to avoid the spread of pests in your plot.

There are times when herbicide can be used so that weeds do not come out again after clearing the plot. It is a completely optional service, above all we recommend that you use it when it is a plot of a warehouse in an industrial estate for example. In any case, it is best that you consult us and we will advise you in the best possible way.

If you own plots of land, it is possible that your town hall forces you to keep them clean to avoid fires and for health reasons.

We have a team specialized in cleaning plots in Valencia.

Cleaning and clearing is a task that must be carried out by personnel trained and experienced in these jobs. Podarama has professionals who have more than 30 years of experience in the sector.

A multitude of clients have put their trust in us to carry out the cleaning of land in Valencia

The work of clearing plots in Valencia is carried out with the maximum security measures and with the most advanced machinery that will allow you to save time and money. The cleaning will eliminate any kind of garbage, debris or vegetation on your land, plot, open space, etc.

Clearing is basically the task of uprooting weeds from a space, usually abandoned, and removing accumulated dirt.

It is advisable to carry out this work on a recurring basis to avoid the appearance of rodent pests that manage to nest in the undergrowth and in this way you will also prevent them from causing fires.

Clearing also consists of taking care of paths, routes and other places of passage, clearing their margins and thus allowing them to continue to be traveled safely by people and transport.

We are experts in clearing in Valencia, we have machinery, utilities and qualified experts to carry out any elementary operation.

You do not speak Spanish?

Gardener and Tree trimming in Valencia

Do you need to cut down or prune a tree in your residence? Call us today!

Podarama Valencia

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  • Pruning at height of trees in Valencia
  • Pruning at height of palm trees in Valencia
  • Garden maintenance in Valencia
  • Garden design in Valencia
  • Clearing of plots in Valencia
  • Phytosanitary Treatments in Valencia
  • Lawn mowing and maintenance in Valencia
  • Installation of irrigation systems in Valencia

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