Gardener in Xativa

At Podarama we face any challenge. We carry out pruning at height, tree felling, palm pruning, garden maintenance, garden design, plot clearing, phytosanitary treatments, lawn mowing and maintenance, installation of irrigation systems…

Tree pruning in Xàtiva

We believe that professionals at Podarama can ensure the quality of the felling and pruning of each tree, we carry out various garden maintenance tasks in Xàtiva and surroundings. We provide a variety of services, from height pruning to garden cleaning. Our team of professionals has many years of experience in pruning and felling in Xàtiva. We clean farms and plots in Xàtiva, and cut hedges to leave professional finishes. Maintain and trim hedges to take care of your garden. All our professionals are experts in controlled felling and garden cleaning in Xàtiva. Whether you want to clean your garden or farm in Xàtiva or if you want to collect garden waste, we are your gardening and tree pruning company.

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Pruning and cleaning of palm trees in Xàtiva

At Podarama we face any challenge. We carry out pruning at height, felling of trees, pruning of palm trees….

Height pruning of trees and palm trees in Xàtiva

In Podarama we have Gardeners with more than 20 years of experience in pruning tasks in any of its variations:

  • Ascent and descent
  • Suspension with ropes through lifting interface or articulated arm.

In the case of ascent and descent, which is also known as climbing work and in rope suspension, the operator must carry special equipment attached to the necessary to cut the branches of the trees.

With us you will have a professional service, with the highest guarantees of safety and risk prevention.

Mantenimiento de jardines en Xàtiva

Design and maintenance of gardens in Xàtiva

Garden pruning - Gardener in Xàtiva

    in the maintenance service all the necessary work.
  • We have and also include in the garden care service each and every one of the necessary tools. We always use specific tools for each job and of great quality, in order to guarantee a qualified service.
  • Gardens, especially those in public places, require maintenance to the appearance of the lawn. It is essential that it is not overgrown and not cut much more than a third at a time.
  • Regular mowing of the lawn is essential as it helps to thicken the weeds. This refers to the cutting technique that should be little, but frequently and constantly. In the garden service it is important that the direction and pattern of mowing is changed. On the other hand, it is a requirement that added nutrients be provided so that development is optimal. It is recommended to fertilize the lawn every 4 or five weeks.
  • Irrigation must have a continuity that depends on the temperature and humidity of our area. It requires the landscaping company to be aware of its status to water it only when necessary.
  • Weeding and aerating the lawn are other methods that keep the lawn in good condition.< /li>
Jardinero en Xàtiva

Tratamientos fitosanitarios en Xàtiva

Garden design in Xàtiva

At Podarama we have the best expert gardeners in carrying out landscaping projects, rehabilitation and improvement of gardens, maintenance of gardens, vertical gardens, natural and artificial grass, pruning, irrigation, phytosanitary treatments, care of pools with and no lifeguard, and all kinds of reforms, fountains and ponds.

Do you want a unique garden design in Xàtiva?

Call your Gardener in Xàtiva! what are you waiting for?

Cleaning of land and clearing of plots

Clearing of plots in Xàtiva

Cleaning and clearing is a task that must be carried out by personnel trained and experienced in these jobs. Podarama gardeners have accumulated more than 30 years dedicated to these and other similar occupations with plots and farms.

We have all kinds of service clients who put their trust in us to carry out land cleaning in Xàtiva and to carry out earthworks and land preparation. Contact your trusted Gardener in Xàtiva.

The work of clearing plots in Xàtiva is carried out with the maximum protection measures and with the best tools that will save you time and money. Cleaning will remove any type of trash, debris or vegetation.

Desbroce de parcelas en Xàtiva

Phytosanitary treatment of fruit trees in Xàtiva

Phytosanitary treatments in Xàtiva

Invasive pests and different pathologies that can attack trees or plants can appear throughout the year, and, in order to carry out correct actions, it is much more than essential to know very well and as far in advance as possible not only what the causes are why the plague has appeared, but rather also what are the best seasons of the year to carry out prevention methods and actions. That is why it is essential to work with experts with extensive and extensive experience in the field and experts in phytosanitary treatments, who can inform you of which are the most used options for your plants or trees.

We put at your disposal phytosanitary treatments with the greatest guarantee of professionalism and efficiency.

This type of treatment seeks to prevent all types of pests, eliminate pathologies in plants and trees. Thanks to this, pathologies and pests in plants can be prevented and the conditions and losses they cause avoided. Its basic principles are the control that comes within with the elements, techniques and measures to reduce the dangers of pests.

Tratamientos fitosanitarios en Xàtiva

Lawn maintenance in Xàtiva

Pruning and scarifying grass in Xàtiva

Get in touch with our specialist team of gardeners if you want them to leave your lawn in Xàtiva in perfect magazine condition with a professional finish.

We know how you like to see your lawn freshly cut, that’s why we have the best experts to carry out this task, we do it meticulously, with care as we would like them to do it for us. Call your trusted Gardener in Xàtiva.

Tratamientos fitosanitarios en Xàtiva

Irrigation systems and garden pumps in Xàtiva

Installation of irrigation systems in Xàtiva

All these years of experience have trained our gardeners to be the best installers of irrigation systems, which has had as a final result that our technical team and our installers have vast experience in all types of irrigation installations.

Increases in expenses and decreases in profits in the field of agriculture have contributed to the design of facilities that are little by little more energetically and economically efficient.

The components of a facility vary depending on the irrigation system used by the farmer, below we will observe the main elements of a drip irrigation system, which is surely the most widely used in precision agriculture.

Tratamientos fitosanitarios en Xàtiva

Frequent questions

Failure to perform regular pruning procedures can have multiple consequences. These include: increased risk of failure, low branch development, codominant stem formation, defects such as bark inclusion, dead branches, and obstructed view. If done right, the benefits can include reducing the risk of falling limbs and entire trees, providing better clearance for vehicles and pedestrians, and a improved appearance. When the tree does not break its branches or falls over, property can be damaged. Occasionally, people can be injured by fallen tree parts, and these parts will be killed by fallen trees (approximately 30 people die each year in the United States). Pruning young and medium-sized trees can curb this problem by encouraging trees to grow strong branch structure. Manage risks to mature trees by properly trimming trees near potential targets, such as buildings, sidewalks, and picnic areas.

Pruning is a double-edged sword, depending on if, where, when, how and why the pruning will help or hurt. If implemented correctly, it can bring several benefits. Benefits include reducing the risk of branch and stem breakage, protecting health, providing better clearance for vehicles and pedestrians, improving appearance, improving eyesight, and increasing flowering. If not managed properly, pruning can damage the tree’s health, stability, and appearance. If it is not pruned at all, there will be multiple consequences. These include weak branch development, accumulation of weak codominant stems, bark inclusions, and dead branches. The first three occur mainly on planted trees, but they are not the only ones. They are unlikely to occur in wooded areas. The formation of stems as inclusions increases the risk of breakage.

One of the most common and unrecognized defects in tree planting is the formation of large lower limbs. They can overextend and snap, or they can fall off under their own weight and be removed later, leaving a large pruning wound (pictured right). Removal of large branches and those that are more than half the diameter of the trunk is more likely to cause rot than removal of smaller branches. Removing branches with flat cuts can start the process of trunk decay. Removing large branches can lead to cavities, cracks, and crevices. Shape the tree so that this type of cutting is not necessary!

Yes, of course, once they have finished the work, our professionals will collect the most significant debris such as large branches and larger pruned parts of the trees and will leave your land, garden or area clean and tidy.

To carry out this type of «specially focused» work, we have experts and suitable machines. On the one hand, tree growers who specialize in climbing and felling are certified as European arborists. On the other hand, cranes can allow us to reach several meters away. Therefore, we saved the walls and were able to enter the interior terrace. The crane also promotes the pruning or felling of tall trees through a controlled fall system, thus protecting the material around the trees. Although the tree is 40 or 50 meters high, we fix it before cutting it down and then lower it with a crane. Maximum security.

When we talk about pruning at height, we refer to the branches and trunks that remain of a tree of a certain size in parts that are difficult to access for anyone other than a specialized company. Generally because it has grown in a certain way or because a necessary cleaning is done to promote its growth

If you have trees around your house, know that they require special care. Its maintenance requires specific tools and qualified professionals, either for ornamental reasons, or for security reasons, or because the tree is destined to bear fruit. Our gardeners in Denia, Comunidad Valenciana, who are dedicated to growing trees, will be able to advise you and help you keep the trees healthy.

Therefore, it is important to take into account the most suitable size, as well as the one that will be achieved according to the type of tree and its function.

  • First of all, the prunes does not cut the branches and is different from logging, which involves cutting from the base, preventing its growth later.
  • Tree pruning is a task crucial for a development appropriate and should be performed by experts in tree maintenance.
  • A pruner focuses its work on the two heights: the size of trainingand the size
  • the < span class="NewWordInItemSuggestion">first of they takes takes to < /span>done during on the first of the life of the tree with the end of guide your
  • The idea is to have strong and well-distributed branches so that the crown is at a certain distance from the
  • Pruning of training is necessary so that the tree doesn’t return too wild and that endurance the longest number of years .
  • will be performed over the over the life of the tree.< /li>

Our receptionists will take note of your request and notify the professional, it is possible that the professional does not speak English but will have instructions for the work to be done.
In general, the best time to prune is winter, especially late, but it all depends on the type of tree. The pruning of the plum tree is not the same as the pruning of the olive tree. Also, spring-blooming trees should not be pruned during those months. It is essential to make the cut in the most appropriate place and cleanly. A tear or the use of rusty tools can hinder healing and lead to disease. It is not recommended to prune branches that are above the height of the head and special care must be taken with pruning at height. To ensure good maintenance, trust the tree growers and pruners of Játiva, Valencian Community.

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Tree trimming and tree pruning in Xàtiva

We are specialists in tree pruning, palm pruning, garden maintenance, garden design, clearing plots, Phytosanitary treatments, cutting and maintenance of lawns and Installation of irrigation systems


  • Pruning at height of trees in Xàtiva
  • Pruning at height of palm trees in Xàtiva
  • Garden maintenance in Xàtiva
  • Garden design in Xàtiva
  • Clearing plots in Xàtiva
  • Phytosanitary treatments in Xàtiva
  • Lawn cutting and maintenance in Xàtiva
  • Installation of irrigation systems in Xàtiva
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Victor Asensi Calatayud, Arborista Certificado por ETW
experto en mantenimiento de arbolado monumental. Con un enfoque en diagnóstico de árboles, podas y talas en altura de difícil acceso, y servicios de jardinería, te brindará soluciones profesionales para el cuidado de tus árboles y zonas verdes. Con un equipo de 16 podadores y arboristas certificados, que operan en toda la comunidad Valenciana, están preparados para acometer cualquier trabajo de poda y tala en altura, desbroce, mantenimiento y saneamiento de Árboles monumentales, pinos y palmeras.